Tuesday, September 27, 2011

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Mini Port comes to Poole Park

May 26, 2010
Peter Gordon, Rockley MD and David Ritchie, Nautikidz MD have joined forces to bring something very new and exciting to Poole Park.
Some of you may have seen last Saturday’s edition of the Daily Echo and may have thought your eyes were deceiving you. No, the Barfleur has not returned to Poole but a very similar and smaller version can now be seen in Poole Park thanks to Rockley Watersports.
 These amazing, hand-made, battery-powered mini boats are the very first of its kind in the UK and are now available to all at the Rockley centre in Poole Park. There are six of the new Mini Port boats; a fishing trawler, fire boat, ferry and 3 tug boats that can be driven and navigated around the lighthouse, island and light ship out on Poole Park lake.
Definitely not just for the kids and guaranteed to out a smile on your face!