Saturday, August 13, 2011


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  1. I live in Western Australia and know the Busselton, Western Australia, Jumna well. In fact I lived alongside Jumna. I am Custodian of the late designer/builder/operator/owner's Diary and Log Book recording her "birth", history and decades of travel on the Vasse River. Our Jumna has been refurbished and is displayed in the Busselton Historical Society's Old Butterfactory Museum - I had the honour of unveiling the new display on 20 January 2010. Jumna was modelled on Littlehampton’s PT Jumna and normally carried three people, the owner operating the engine plus two passengers but sometimes squeezed in a third. I have had a close association with Jumna since 1948. My wife and I were honoured to be invited by the owner, Canon Robert Davies, to accompany him on 6th January 1963 during filming of a TV documentary. Unbeknown at that time this trip was Jumna's last long trip. We have visited Littlehampton in West Sussex and been honoured with a trip along the Arun River on the Harbour Board's current Pilot Boat Jumna. I know PJ of Paddleducks well having visited him in Canada. I have written a book on the history of Busselton's Jumna. Unfortunately the article referred to in the 1980 Live Steam magazine has a number of errors of fact which could be taken by a reader not knowing otherwise as "truth". Annoyingly it is not possible to correct that particular article. Rest assured I have the full story and facts in the aforementioned Diary and Log Book - it is a wonderful historic document that I will donate to our Western Australian State Reference Library called the Battye Library, where Western Australia's records and history is kept. Jumna is a wonderful piece of Busselton history and he builder Canon Robert Davies and extraordinary man. Trips on his Jumna were free – he gave much pleasure over decades to the people of Busselton and visitors alike, some being most famous people. Anyone wanting accurate information on the Busselton Jumna is welcome to email me at