Monday, June 18, 2012

My new boat

The seats slide on the black runners to adjust the weight to get the right trim.  Power is either 30lb thrust electric outboard or 3.3hp outboard. It rows easily as well. This is a stable platform and will be used for photography on the local river, The Shoalhaven. It is 12 feet long.There is four fishing rod holders. Fully loaded it draws 300mm. There is room to sleep between the black bars when the seats are removed. Plastic boxes are tied to the black bars to hold all the gear for the trip and these rest in the top yellow hulls.


  1. It’s looking really nice and all geared up for your journey. :) Oh, a photoshoot at the Shoalhaven? What project would that be? I’m curious. :) Hope you update us on how your project went and how your new boat performed.

    Mark Brown

  2. This is the way it came to me and there is a second in the making. It performs extremely well with little power needed to move it along. This one is a Supercat 12 other are Hobie cat and Windrush and are easily obtained as non working sail boats with torn trampolines and sails.They make them up to twenty feet long and are brilliant for shanty houses. The Shoalhaven River is about two hours drive south of Sydney along with Jervis bay and the Basin all of which are beautiful areas. Some photos appear on cheers